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The most important phase of the project. We create photorealistic drawings of your property.

This way you can visualise your area early in the process. Beyond that we also ensure that the initial design will fit within your budget and we provide cost savings throughout the entire process.



Our team ensures that construction process comply with Greek laws and local ordinances relating to construction, building equipment, installation.

When renovating a house, insurance should include public and employer's liability, cover for building materials and works, tools, temporary buildings, the existing structure, personal accident cover and legal expenses.


Homes, offices, vacation residences, hotels are some of the categories  we specialise.

We love spaces which flow in total harmony, we focus on details which give ultimate comfort and guarantees an exceptional lifestyle.


 Whether you prefer leather, velvet or performance fabric, wood or metal, there are furnitures to suit any style.The mixture of textures  removes the monotonicity of the environment and brings more life to the space. We love to give a new life to your furniture.We want you to walk into your freshly designed space and feel instantly at home!

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