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About Our Studio

Within the crowded interior market,  there is a label that truly represents a new area of designer-makers who combine traditional craftsmanship techniques with an effortless modern aesthetic.

​With nods to both Greek and Italian design and modern minimal feel, Touch Architects merges classic and comfortable design. 

Their achievements look simple but has take a huge amount of skills to create.

New buildings , renovation or furniture refreshments, this team always offers versatile additions that can instantly uplift any interior.

Discover the latest work of Touch Architects team.

Behind the Brand 

Έλενα Τουμπακάρη 
Αρχιτέκτων Μηχανικός
Πανεπιστήμιο Αρχιτεκτονίκης Reggio Calabria , Ιταλία
Ιδρυτικό Μέλος της ΤΟUCH

Elena Toumpakari
Senior Architecture engineer University of Architecture Reggio Calabria, Italy
Founding member of TOUCH 


Σπύρος Χρυσός
Αρχιτέκτων Μηχανικός
Αριστοτέλειο Πανεπιστήμιο Θεσσαλονίκης  
Ιδρυτικό Μέλος της TOUCH

Spiros Chryssos
Senior Architecture engineer
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Founing member of TOUCH


Δήμητρα Τάκου 
Αρχιτέκτων Μηχανικός- Διακοσμήτρια
Εθνικό Μετσόβιο Πανεπιστήμιο 
ΤΕΙ διακοσμητικής Αθήνα 
Μέλος της TOUCH 

Dimitra Takou
Architect - decorator
National University of Athens - TEI decorative Athens
Member of TOUCH 

The strength lies in teamwork with partners who share the same values ​​and principles.

In the end we all become stories, to be at least unique...


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